Teerth Yatra

Teerth Yatra

Teerth Yatra

India has a rich tradition of temple building originating thousands of years in the past. From North to South and East to West, Indian temple architecture spell-binds the visitors with its sheer beauty. All these ancient temples are pivots of worship and devotion, where millions of devotees visit to find peace and solace in their lives. During these a diverse India unfolds and people, language, music, culture, food, dresses, everything changes along the route as we travel.

Teerth-yatra takes you on a pan India voyage to showcase this cultural diversity in an automated vehicle in just 12 minutes.

From Kedarnath, Badrinath in the North, to Tirupati and Meenakshi Temple in the South and From Dwarka in the West to Puri in the East, and Pandharpur in the Centre, these religious hubs depict the true diversity of India.

Spread in a huge indoor complex of 40,000 sq. ft, this dark ride will be one of its own and will give an overwhelming experience to every visitor.

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