sai baba

Life story of Sai Baba

Way back in time, during the 18th century a young man came to Shirdi a village in Maharashtra in India and he stayed in a mosque and referred the mosque as ‘Dwarkamai’. Nobody knew him or where he came from, he used to be quiet most of the time. Eventually the villagers out of concern started offering him food. After a few days this young fakir started sharing his thoughts and views with the villagers. The villagers started to notice that this young fakir wasn’t an ordinary man because of his actions of solving problems of the poor and needy people. The villagers started addressing this young fakir with his sparkling eyes as Shri Sai Baba.

Sai baba helped the needy and the poor. He strongly believed in uniformity of religion and never discriminated anybody on the basis of their caste religion or belief. His main principle of life was to help people and not send any of his devotees’ empty handed in their time of need and grief. Soon the village started becoming a centre of pilgrimage. People from all over the village came to Sai baba with their problems. He lived as a common man with the villagers as a fakir, wearing a kafni, His foremost message to the people was, “Why fear when I am here”. Sai baba had the powers to perform miracles, one day he restored the eye sight of a blind man and also lit lamps with water as there was no oil. Soon people started worshipping him. Sai baba never followed a particular religion, his belief was to help mankind and spread humanity as a religion.
He wanted people to follow love, understanding and kindness as a religion.
As all good things come to an end “Sai Baba” also left his body on his own will on 15th Oct. 1918, leaving his millions of believers and followers sad. His body was laid in Shirdi in the Samadhi Mandir called “Boothi”, which he had asked his followers to build before his death.

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