laser show

Laser Show at Sai Teerth Theme Park

Saiteerth is India’s first devotional theme park in Shirdi. Here one of the major attraction is Laser show. In laser show the life of sai baba is represented in laser form. From the birth of sai, dwarakmai, to the end of his life. How the saibaba helps to poor people mentioned in laser format. How the dwarkamai is formed, why it is called sabaka malik ek, show in laser. A display of coloured laser lights for entertainment purpose accompany the music of saibaba life. The mind blowing laser show experience the life of sai baba in holiastic manner.

The use of laser light to entertain an audience is known as a laser lighting display or laser light show. A laser light show can be just projected laser beams synced to music, or it can go along with another sort of entertainment, usually live music. As a result, a laser show is an artificial light performance that is done for entertainment. The length of the laser show varies depending on the life of sai.

The laser show is a 15-minute presentation that tells the story of Sai Baba’s life and teachings. The show is set to music and features a variety of laser effects. The laser show is a popular attraction at the theme park and is enjoyed by people of all ages. The laser show is held in the evening and is best viewed from the amphitheater.

Tickets for the laser show are available at the theme park entrance.

The laser show is a great way to learn about Sai Baba and his teachings. It is a fun and entertaining experience for the whole family.

It available for free, no tickets are available for Laser show in saiteerth so people from Shirdi can visit to see the laser show for free.