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World-Class Animatronics and Robotics Show

Imagine Saibaba himself coming to life, and speaking to every visitor present in the park – every devotee’s wish and dream come true! This unique show of 10 minutes has been created using world-class animatronics and robotics and show control technology which will make visitors breathless.

The ancient Dwarkamai structure has been created as it was 100 years ago for this show. With a seating capacity of 250 visitors, this show is surely the attraction you will be looking forward to most.

Dwarkamai holds a great place in the life of SaiBaba. In our Animatronics and Robotics Show, we bring to life four essential aspects of this sacred place.

  1. The Kitchen of Compassion:

Witness SaiBaba’s love for cooking and feeding his devotees. Immerse yourself in the show as Baba prepares a meal of rice and lentils, generously sharing it with his beloved devotees.

  1. Solace at Resting Place:

Experience the tranquility of Dwarkamai as SaiBaba finds solace in this humble abode. Picture Baba resting on a modest cot, encircled by his devotees. Here, he attended to their concerns and offered his priceless guidance and wisdom.

  1. The Sacred Fire of Yadnya:

Step into the realm of devotion as SaiBaba lights a sacred fire within Dwarkamai. Observe Baba as he offers prayers and performs rituals, symbolizing his unwavering devotion to the divine.

  1. The Flourishing Mill:

Ever wondered about the significance of the grindstone in Dwarkamai? Witness Baba grinding grain with his own hands, creating flour that he would utilize to prepare nourishing meals for his devotees.

Dwarkamai, a place revered by SaiBaba’s devotees, serves as a testament to his teachings. At Saiteerth, our show offers a captivating glimpse into the life of Baba, reminding us of the love, compassion and wisdom he shared with the world.

Visit us at https://saiteerth.in/book/  to explore more about this remarkable experience.