Guest Facilities at Sai Teerth

Safe Baggage counter at Saiteerth - India's First Devotional Theme Park at Shirdi

Baggage Counter

We provide a secure baggage counter where you can store your belongings safely for just Rs. 50 per bag.

Merchandise Shop - Guest facility - Saiteerth - India's First Devotional Theme Park at Shirdi

Merchandise Shop

We offer a variety of souvenirs and gifts in our merchandise shop. We sell T-shirts, teddies, chocolates, mugs, bottles, key chains, and much more, so you can take home a piece of your memorable experience with our unique and delightful merchandise.

Wheelchairs on Request - Guest Facility at Saiteerth - India's First Devotional Theme Park at Shirdi

Wheelchairs on Request

We provide wheelchairs for guests with mobility needs upon request. We design our park with ramps and wide pathways to ensure all attractions are easily accessible.

Firs Aid Kit - Guest Facility at Saiteerth - theme park based on the life of Sai-baba

First Aid

We offer first aid services at the reception to ensure your safety. We handle any minor medical needs, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable visit.

Guest Facility at Saiteerth Shirdi

Handicap-Friendly Space

We welcome guests of all abilities and provide accessible pathways and seating areas to make exploring the park comfortable for everyone.

Guest Facility- Elevator facility at Saiteerth - Spiritual Theme Park at Shirdi

Elevators for Easy Access

We have elevators that provide easy access to all areas of the park, ensuring guests of all ages and abilities can enjoy the attractions comfortably.

Food Courts and Kiosks - Guest Facility available at Saiteerth

Food Courts and Kiosks

We serve a variety of culinary delights at our food courts and kiosks. We offer fresh beverages, chaat, Punjabi meals, Chinese meals, and more for a satisfying lunch or snack. We also provide ice creams, cold drinks, popcorn, chips, and other treats to satisfy your cravings.

Guest Facility - Pay & Park for your vehicle at Saiteerth Theme Park

Pay-and-Use Parking

We provide convenient pay-and-use parking facilities. We offer parking for bikes at Rs. 50, cars at Rs. 100, and buses at Rs. 150, ensuring a hassle-free visit.

Front view of Saiteerth - India's First Devotional Theme Park at Shirdi

Photography Counter

We provide professional photographers to help you capture your memories. We offer numerous photo points where you can get your pictures clicked to cherish your visit forever.

Baby Feeding Room - Guest facility at Saiteerth Shirdi. - Spiritual Theme park at Shirdi

Baby Feeding Rooms

We provide well-equipped baby feeding rooms for the comfort of mothers and babies. We offer a quiet and private space for nursing mothers to feed their babies comfortably.