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Things to do in Shirdi – A list of spiritual and fun activities

Shirdi is considered one of the most important spiritual hubs of the country. Located in Maharashtra, Shirdi, also known as Sainagar, was the home of saint Sai Baba, who preached and lived here for almost 50 years. It is estimated that each year more than 60000 devotees and tourists flock to Shirdi, to not only immerse themselves in the spiritual aura of the town, but also, to explore and enjoy its many other attractions.

How to Reach Shirdi

Shirdi is situated in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. It is easily accessible by rail and road and is about 83km from Ahmednagar, 15km from Kopargaon, and 240km from Mumbai. By road, the best way to reach Shirdi is through the Ahmednagar-Manmad State Highway 10. Also, the town has its own railway station, named Sainagar Shirdi railway station, and trains from different parts of the country, such as Mumbai, Chennai, Vishakapatnam, Mysore etc. stop here. Besides, the Shirdi Airport was inaugurated recently in 2017 making the town accessible by air too.

Things to do in Shirdi

Shirdi is known for its association with the divine leader Sai Baba. Hence the major landmark attractions of the town are spiritual sites, such as the Sai Temple, Dwarkamani Mandir, Gurusthan and Chavadi. However, there are also other things to do in Shirdi and see, for devotees and tourists, that make it a popular destination.

Let us take a look at some of the best things to do in Shirdi.

Sai Temple

The Sai Mandir or Sai Temple, is located in the heart of the Shirdi town. It houses the mortal remains of the spiritual leader. Spread across 200 sq. km, thousands of pilgrims and devotees visit the temple every day for the Darshan of Sai Baba. During the festival period, around one lakh devotees make way to the temple. The temple provides various facilities for devotees, including the Darshan Lane, Prasad counters, Prasadalay (providing lunch and dinner), book stalls, donation counters, railway reservation counters and more. Devotees throng in long queues for a glimpse of the benevolent statue of Sai Baba, which according to them is no less than a living representation of the Almighty himself.

Sai Teerth Theme Park 

The Saiteerth Theme Park is the first devotional theme park in India. It is one of the most interesting things to do in Shirdi for devotees after paying a visit to the Sai Mandir. Saiteerth gives insights into the life and influence of Sai Baba, using technology and state-of-the-art facilities. Located only a kilometer from the Sai Temple, this devotional theme park has various attractions, such as Dwarakamai, Teerth Yatra, Lanka Dahan, Sabka Malik Ek, recently inaugurated laser show and more. Dwarakamai is a mesmerizing show, that uses lights and idols to narrate the life story of Sai Baba. The Teerth Yatra or Temple Ride takes devotees on a trip across the most important temples of India. Some of the famous temples that one can pay respect to include Tirupati, Kedarnath, Siddhivinayak, Meenakshi Temple and more. In Lanka Dahan watch the story of Shri Hanuman in a 5D movie, whereas in the giant theatre, watch and experience the grandeur of Sabka Malik Ek.

The colorful 15-minute laser show is both educational and spiritual, whereas, the Sai Baba Mosaic made from 4000 plus Rubik Cube’s is a sight to behold. Visitors can also take a photograph of themselves with Sai Baba, creating the perfect memory to keep safe for life.

The Saiteerth Theme Park, is one of the finest spiritual and learning experiences for the devotees of Sai Baba. Irrespective of age, this theme park is for all who believe in the power of the divine force and are open to learning more about it.

Wet’nJoy, Waterpark

The spiritual fervor is deeply etched in the town of Shirdi. But, there are also fun activities and things to do in Shirdi, that are an ideal break for visitors. One such exciting attraction is Wet n Joy, a waterpark that offers a fabulous range of adventure and family water rides and splash slides. Located near the Sun-N-Sand Hotel in Shirdi, the waterpark has about 25 rides, including the Thunder Wave Pool, Rain Dance, Lazy River, Family River, and more. Besides, the kids ride with wonderful waterfalls, toys and games are designed exclusively for kids of all ages. For thrill rides, one must try, Anaconda, Dare Devil Drop, Cyclone Ride, Swing Chair and more.

With a restaurant and food stalls, the waterpark also offers various other facilities. Some of these include, lockers, changing rooms, parking space, medical bay, costumes on hire, and more.

Shirdi is one of the most visited places in the country and is regarded as a sacred and holy destination. Being the home of Sai Baba, devotees find inner peace in the temple and religious sites of Shirdi. The Saiteerth Theme Park, is an extension of the spiritual piety, and is also an informative awareness. And when one is satisfied and at peace with the eternal and divine, the Wet n Joy, Waterpark, is one of the best things to do in Shirdi to relax and have some fun.