Top Attraction in Shirdi - Saiteerth Theme Park & Wet N Joy water park to make your day unforgettable

The Top Attractions in Shirdi To Visit When Travelling Spiritual Town

People travel for different reasons. Some for entertainment, some for excitement, and some for relaxation. Out of the many facets of travel, one important aspect of visiting a destination is to seek peace, tranquility, and a connection with both the divine and self. One such place is – Shirdi. The quintessential town where Sai Baba lived and preached is the ideal destination if one is looking for a heavenly experience. But surprisingly, this town also has varied other places of interest, some that are religious, and others that are fun and adventurous. So if you are wondering what are the top attractions in Shirdi, then look no further. Read below our list of places to visit in Shirdi, for the relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.

About Shirdi

Before we venture into the top attractions of Shirdi and things to do here, it is essential to understand the soul and essence that is deeply etched in the physicality and spirituality of the town. Home of one of the most revered religious leaders of our times. Shirdi’s major highlights and landmark destinations are unsurprisingly in reference to Sai Baba. The tomb of Sai Baba lies in Sai Mandir, which is visited by thousands of devotees each day. The Sai Temple or Mandir is the main and focal attraction of the town, drawing people from all ages, and all walks of life. Also, since Shirdi is where Sai Baba spent more than five decades, it is fraught with anecdotes, interactions, architecture and religious structures that are associated with the great saint. Thus, Shirdi exudes an aura of divinity that instantly touches the hearts of devotees and visitors. Yet, it is also a town, that is known to have thousands and thousands of visitors, who might be also looking for a relaxing and fun experience after their spiritual journey. So what are the other abodes to enjoy and rebound after a soulful escapade? And also, what are the religious and devotional attractions that make Shirdi popular? Let’s find out!

Top Attractions of Shirdi

Shirdi Temple

There is no guessing the topmost attraction in Shirdi. It is the Sai Temple or Mandir that houses the remains of Sai Baba and his life-like idol. Devotees throng and wait in long queues, from as early or before 5 A.M for Darshan. The Sai Mandir is well-planned and maintained to accommodate and manage the continuous influx of visitors and devotees. The number of visitors, of course, gets exponentially high during the festival season.

The Sai Temple, has organised Darshan Lane, prasad counters, ticket reservation counters, a book stall and many other facilities within its premises for the assistance and comfort of the devotees. For true believers of Sai Baba, a visit to the Sai Temple is a divine experience that changes and enhances their lives.

Sai Teerth Theme Park

After the Darshan of Sai Baba, when the mind and heart are reverberating in the spirit of love and emotional relaxation, a visit to the Saiteerth Theme Park is an excellent way to continue this state of well-being. India’s first devotional theme park, Sai Teerth is only a few minutes away from Sai Mandir. Visitors must visit this theme park to get a deeper insight into the life and journey of Sai Baba. The different 3D shows and movies, such as Sabka Malik Ek and Giant Screen which are based on the life of the spiritual leader are highly insightful and informative. Other attractions, such as Teerth Yatra where visitors are taken on a ride to visit some of the most sacred temples of India and Lanka Dahan a movie on Hanuman, are ideal to keep the religious and spiritual fervor alight.

The laser show that flashes across the life story of Sai Baba and the Mosaic made of four thousand plus Rubik Cube’s is a stunning rendition of the revered figure.

Wet’nJoy, Waterpark

Now, when visitors are satisfied with their spiritual endeavours in Shirdi, there is one more top attraction in Shirdi, that merits a visit. The Wet n Joy, Waterpark in Shirdi is an adventure haven for family and friends who want to enjoy worldly joys after enriching divine experiences. Located near Sun n Sand Hotel, this waterpark offers some great facilities, such as lockers, changing rooms, medical assistance, parking space, costumes etc. Also, with affordable entry ticket offers and discounts, Wet n Joy, Waterpark Shirdi is easy on the pocket. Besides, with a plethora of adventure and family rides, it’s the best way to end your stay in Shirdi with a splash! Some of the rides to try out for sure, include Lazy River, Thunder Wave Pool, Cyclone Ride, Anaconda, Tornado, Multi Racer Ride, Dare Devil Drop, Pendulum Slide and many more.

Shirdi is easy to reach from almost anywhere in the country. With a railway station that connects trains from different parts of India, being accessible on the Ahilyanagar(Ahmednagar) – Malegaon Highway, as well as, having its own airport, Shirdi can be reached without much hardship or hassle. All one needs is the will and belief to seek the blessings of Sai Baba and also enjoy a bit along the way by visiting the top attractions in Shirdi.