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Vande Bharat Shirdi to Mumbai – The Train To Sai Baba’s Home

Shirdi, the town where Sai Baba preached and lived for many years, is one of the most revered places in India. Devotees of Sai Baba make way to his abode, for his Darshan and to know more about the spiritual leader’s life and impact on the society and soul. Since each year, thousands of visitors flock to Shirdi, it is unsurprising, that the town is well-connected to most of the major metro and Tier II cities of India. By both road and air, Shirdi is accessible easily. But it is by rail, that the maximum visitors reach Shirdi. And though there are different trains from different destinations stopping at Shirdi, the Vande Bharat Shirdi to Mumbai Express train is perhaps, the best and fastest way to reach.

Train Travel 

Traveling in Indian trains is a great way to explore the landscape and meet new people. Especially, when one is traveling to a destination such as Shirdi, the likelihood of meeting passengers with the same emotional and spiritual enthusiasm is very high. If you are a Sai Baba devotee, but probably traveling alone, or the first time to Shirdi, then taking the Vande Bharat Express to Shirdi is a fantastic idea. This is because, you can bond with your co-passengers and find suitable company to help you in your stay in Shirdi. Also, when a group of devotees travel together, there is a spiritual and devotional ambiance that increases the longing and desire of visiting the home of Sai Baba.

Vande Bharat Shirdi to Mumbai Express

The Vande Bharat Express is operated by the Indian Railways. These are day trains that ply between cities that are less than 10 hours away. Covering medium distance destinations, the Vande Bharat Express connects several cities of India, in quick time. With faster speeds, when compared to many other trains, the Vande Bharat Express trains are a valuable addition to the itinerary of travellers. Out of the many cities that this train connects, the Vande Bharat Shirdi to Mumbai Express is one of the best ways to reach Shirdi.

Vande Bharat Shirdi train number is 22223. This train starts from Mumbai and covers a distance of 343km to reach Shirdi. On the other hand, train number 22224 runs from Shirdi to Mumbai.

Train Details and Timings

The Shirdi Vande Bharat Express leaves CSMT or Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 6:20 A.M in the morning and reaches Sainagar Shirdi Railway Station at 11:40 A.M. It takes approximately 5 hours of travel in the Vande Bharat Shirdi to Mumbai Express train. From Shirdi, Vande Bharat Express leaves Sainagar Railway Station at 5:45 P. M and reaches Mumbai at 10:50 P.M. Thus, the Shirdi Vante Bharat timings are convenient, as devotees can start early, reach on the same day, and also visit the Sai Mandir and other attractions on the same day itself. It also means, that if required, a single day trip from Mumbai to Shirdi is easily achievable.

But of course, if there is more time that you can spend in Shirdi, say a weekend or so, then the trip is definitely more fruitful than a single day stay.

Shirdi – The Home of Sai Baba

Once you reach Shirdi and after freshening up in the hotel, the first destination is Sai Mandir. The Sai Temple has the tomb of Sai Baba where devotees bow their heads and forget all their troubles. Similarly, the idol of Sai Baba inside the temple, has devotees feeling an immense sense of calm and gratitude. During the different festivals, such as Guru Purnima or Vijaydashami the number of devotees often reaches more than a lakh. Besides, the Sai Temple, other sacred places in Shirdi are Gurusthan and Dwarkamai.

Saiteerth Theme Park

The Saiteerth Theme Park is another exceptional destination that devotees must visit. Located only one kilometer from the Sai Mandir, the Saiteerth Theme Park is India’s first devotional theme park. With an entrance fee of Rs. 450 for adults and Rs. 349 for kids, this theme park is a unique experience that helps visitors and devotees know more about Sai Baba and his life. Through various shows and 3D movies, such as Sabka Malik Ek and Giant Screen, as well as, a laser show and the Sai Baba rubik cube mosaic, visitors can learn about the multiple aspects and impacts of Sai Baba’s life. Besides, Teerth Yatra and Lanka Dahan are other religious attractions at the theme park. Also, the excellent facilities, such as lockers, parking space, changing rooms and medical assistance provide customer friendly amenities.

There is much more to do and see in Shirdi and there is no doubt that both visitors and devotees return with fulfilled hearts and thier prayers answered. The Vande Bharat Shirdi to Mumbai Express is an essential medium that facilitates and connects India’s most important city, Mumbai to the spiritual center of Shirdi. It is a convenient way to travel to and fro and the train tickets are reasonably priced with suitable timings. If you have been meaning to visit Shirdi for some time now, then do not wait much longer!